Like a dance, the perfect holiday

A symphony fills the air, winding through the streets of Pesaro with its cheerful, romantic, dreamy notes. It leaves the Teatro Rossini stage and spreads throughout the city. You can dance to it, following its rhythm, or let yourself be carried along… first fast, then slow, then wildly fast before slowing way down again. A little like the waves that come and go with the force of the wind. As if it were a dance… almost a chorus. Pesaro is a classical ballet dancer, with an elegant bearing and ability to twirl, so agile and refined. Pesaro, the city of music and bicycles. A pirouette through art, history, culture, nature, the beach and the sea. Enriching the soul with every turn. Like a dance, the perfect holiday. The curtain opens to reveal the Bellevue Hotel in Pesaro, enjoy the show.
First Adagio,
then Allegro

Sleep in, take your time, the beach is just steps away

First Adagio,<br>then Allegro
Mediterranean flavours

Local recipes, fresh ingredients and traditional Italian ingredients

Mediterranean flavours
Sweet sea,

Be lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves

Sweet sea,<br>dreams

We are here to make
your dream holiday a reality

You choose us because you want the best. You want to experience it all during your precious vacation days. You want the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

You want a warm and fine sandy beach where you can frolic barefoot all day long and into the night.
You want traditional Italian cuisine, delicacies fresh from the sea and the land.

You want fun sports activities and excursions under the blue sky on breath-taking paths you’ll remember for a lifetime.

When you come here you’ll find us waiting to offer you the warmest of welcomes, generation after generation.

Le Marche, an experience to fill your heart

Le Marche is a little-known Italian region but with so much to offer. It is filled with amazing places to enjoy and discover, from the mountains and rolling hills to the sandy beaches and sparkling sea. Come be enchanted here on your next Italian holiday.

Chosen by Lonely Planet in 2020 as the 2nd best region in the world to visit, Le Marche is the perfect holiday destination to add to your bucket list.

And at the end
we take a bow