Beauty is in the smallest, most authentic things

Le Marche has five unique provinces which come together to create a food and wine lovers paradise, where the products from the generous land are enhanced by hands that are skilled in preparing regional foods. A treasure trove of unique products and flavours, all waiting to be tasted.

It is time to dedicate yourself to experiencing the unique sensations and aromas of our land.



The most important wines of our region include: Rosso dei Colli Pesaresi, Vernaccia, Visner di Pergola and Bianchello del Metauro. You can taste these prestigious wines while exploring our magnificent region. Each tasting is a moment to be treasured, to sip a glass of wine surrounded by the calm and tranquillity of the inviting atmosphere of a local winery.



Their aroma is intense and penetrating: we are talking about the remarkable Acqualagna truffle. Acqualagna is the local town that hosts an annual truffle fair.

Here you can explore our regional truffle capital, following a unique taste journey. The art of truffle hunting is also waiting to be discovered, in fact you can take part in a truffle hunt in the local woods in search of this precious delicacy alongside an expert, authorized truffle hunter which finishes with a delicious truffle tasting.


Olive Oil

Rows of olive trees and ancient oil mills extend into the Metauro Valley between Fano and Urbino. In these lands, the production of “Cartoceto” PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been going on for centuries.

It is the first and only extra virgin olive oil with PDO certification from Le Marche region. Today, the olive harvest is still done in a traditional way, by hand combing or simple mechanical systems such as electric rakes.

You can taste and enjoy this oil directly at one of the ancient, charming Cartoceto oil mills.



The special milk used to create the excellent products from our province comes from the inland pastures of Casciotta d’Urbino. The result of a careful traditional process which dates back to 1400, Casciotta cheese was the first dairy product to gain the DOP certification in Italy.

Another great product is Pecorino di Fossa, an unmistakable and characteristic cheese from the Romagna-Marche Apennines. It is an aged cheese produced in Cartoceto and Talamello with pasteurized sheep’s milk and to a lesser extent goat’s milk and sometimes cow’s milk.

Legend has it that to save the cheese from bandit raids the local peasants used to hide it under the ground, four or five meters deep, in special underground pits, hence the name pit cheese or Formaggio di Fossa.

In the town of Cartoceto, the opening of the pits takes place on the last Sunday of November accompanied by a wonderful local festival to celebrate the moment.

If desired, you can book a visit to a local farm to see the pit where these cheeses are stored and enjoy a cheese tasting.