Our rooms, the elegance of simplicity

To stay with us is to feel perfectly at ease and experience the fantastic emotions of an Italian beach holiday that fulfils all your dreams.

A trip featuring the beauty of Pesaro, a city waiting to be discovered, but also being pampered and taken care of during all your down time.

Simplicity shines through our rooms and their extraordinary nature comes from the sweeping view of the horizon and the sea always in front of you.

The warmth of the natural light that fills the rooms is one of the elements that truly sets us apart.

Our style has something for everyone.

Soundproofed room with sea view

The perfect solution for your peaceful holiday

2-4 people
Room with full sea view

Your window on the sea of ​​Pesaro for a holiday lulled by the sound of the sea waves

2-4 people
Room with side sea view

Sharing a holiday with your family is a privilege, this room is the right ally

2-7 people
Room with side sea view

For you and your family, all the comforts of home overlooking the sea of ​​Pesaro

1-4 people
And at the end
we take a bow