Places that tell stories

Fragments of history enclosed within the walls of villas and historic palaces. Here splendour arrives from long ago, a rare heritage made up of important families and lords who have left behind traces of their passage.

Villa Imperiale

Immersed in the Colle San Bartolo landscape, here the importance of history and beauty of nature coexist.

The first stone was laid by Emperor Frederick III of Habsburg in 1468 and then the rest was built over a period of two centuries, becoming an interesting example of Italian artistic architecture. The building represents two architectural realities from the two historical periods in which it was built. It is surrounded by a lovely Renaissance-style garden.

You can visit the villa on Wednesdays in June and September, accompanied by an authorized guide, by reservation only.

Villa Caprile

Villa Caprile is truly exceptional. First of all, it is certainly the most beautiful school in the world, as well as one of the oldest agricultural institutes, founded in 1876. Today, in fact, it is the seat of the A. Cecchi Technical Agricultural Institute.

Even more extraordinary is the fact that the villa has retained its original appearance and authentic Italian garden, apart from some minor changes due to the passing of time and wars. Compared to other Renaissance gardens, it can still boast the conservation of wonderful water features that actually function, which is why it was called the little Italian Versailles.

During the summer season, cultural performances and events take place in the open-air theatre. The Villa Caprile historic gardens and water features can be visited every day from June to September, from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. An admission fee is required.